Terms & Conditions

We inform our costumers that the booking service involves the insertion of a valid credit card number as guarantee of the reservation. Therefore, at the moment of booking you will not be taken any amount. If the reservation were to result in a “no show” of the person, or in case of a “late cancellation” (cancellation must be communicated to us by this email: info@ippokrates.it at least 2 hours before the agreed time or through the widget on our website) it will be charged an amount of € 25,00 per person booked, and will be invoiced for the amount charged on credit card. In the event of subsequent modification of the reservation refers to the last modification date and the contract is deemed automatically renewed under the same conditions.

We also remind you that your table will be held for 15 minutes from your booking time, thereafter, your reservation will be treated as null and void. If you think you will be over 15 minutes late we recommend you to modify your reservation online or calling us at 06 6482 4179.